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I like to take pictures on occasion. Hopefully I'll get better as time goes on and put up some pictures. I'm really better at the image processing than I am at artistic effect.

In the meantime, here are some pics from after our 2014 snow day in the ATL (with subjects who just didn't want to sit still for pictures):

I'm an assistant organizer with the Dunwoody Running Group, a no-body-left-behind group for staring runners and walkers.

I like to cycle commute and ride for fun. Check out Sopo Bike Cooperative (shop hours) if you want to participate in a volunteer community oriented bike shop.

I've also hooked up with Robert Wilhite's winter ride series

I recently jointed the Atlanta Triathlon Club. They have a great set of coaches and a very active online forum if you're new to the sport and need help with technique or technology.