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welcome to my website!

This is a collection of projects that I've worked on over the last several years. My professional interests are in statistical estimation and measurement processes. This includes atmospheric state estimation, radar target tracking, and image processing.








  • I've joined Robert Wilhite's winter ride series. Given the time of year that piqued my interest in morning wind, temperature, and precipitation estimates. Three hour estimates of this are easy enought to find online, since they are supplied by the National Weather Service, but I'm not aware of a source that localizes the prediction to around the 1 km level. I took the 12 hour NCEP predictions the night before and interpolated these quantities down to a high resolution grid for the next morning so that I would have some idea of what to expect for the ride (denoted by the red line). Note that the early times have residual interpolation error, but I think the results are roughly right by 8:00 AM.

    Here are the results for one of the morning rides I attended. Notice the higher windspeeds near the airport. I can vouch that the effect is real. Ouch.
  • RadarCon 2012 was held in Atlanta in May, 2012. Braham Himed and I were the tutorial charis. I hope we managed to put together an excellent set of tutorials for attendees! Thanks to everyone for their excellent work!
    • Intro to Modern Radar,Dave Zasada
    • RF and digital components for highly-integrated low-power RADAR, Sergio Saponara and Maria Greco
    • Advanced Concepts in STAP, Scot Goldstein, Mike Picciolo, Jacob Griesbach, Pete Rustan
    • Advances in Bistatic Radar, Hugh Griffiths
    • Sea and Ground Radar Clutter Modeling, Maurice Long, Maria Greco
    • SAR Image Exploitation and Compressive Sensing, Les Novak, Ivana Stojanovic
    • Foliage Penetration Radar, Mark Davis
    • Radar Tracking, Dale Blair
    • Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging, Fauzia Ahmad
    • High Resolution Radar Imaging, Chris Baker
    • MIMO Radar, Mike Davis, Bill Melvin

  • Argos Intelligence, LLC: I'm a co-founder of a startup that addresses atmospheric effects (mitigation, exploitation, risk assessment) in image and signal processing applications.

  • I've posted a list of my publications on various topics related to statistical estimation, including atmospheric estimation and target tracking applications.

  • I've taught a few courses related to my interests in estimation, measurement processes and optimization.
    • Guidance, Navigation and Control is a condensed overview of a very broad topic. This course presents the principles of navigation by inertial, celestial, and radio (including GPS) methods; the principles of guidance and control of 6-DOF motion; the characteristics and noise models of sensors; and the dynamic behavior of controlled and guided systems.

    • GT Math 8813: Statistical Inverse Problems This is the outline and some supporting material for the class that I taught at Georgia Tech in Spring Semester 2008 on data assimilation.

      Data assimilation is an efficient optimization based technique for updating weather models with all types of weather data. I became interested in this when developing a method for estimating atmospheric propagation properties from GPS signals.

    • Various lectures in radar, digital beamforming, and optimization.

Let me know if you are interested in discussing something you see here.

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January 30, 2014

GNC. Updated GNC offerings.

January 28, 2014

Reboot. Back online after a long time gone.

June 15, 2012

IEEE RADARCON 2012 Tutorials. An excellent set of tutorials from quite a distinguised group of offerers.

January 9, 2012

GNC Course. Added the syllabus for the course Guidance, Navigation and Control.

January 1, 2012

Linked papers. Added links to some papers and conference publications. Hope to get the Math 8813 notes and code up soon.

December 21, 2011

First light. First iteration of the website. Hope to put up some material for my future reference. It may be useful to others as well.

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